HGTV: A Studio Makeover

My dream of being a part of an HGTV show still lives. My husband and I have watched countless hours of House HuntersDivine Design with Candice OlsonMy House is Worth What?, Holmes on Homes, Income Property and back in 2007 I entered to win the HGTV Dream Home every single day. Needless to say, I didn’t win.

If you are familiar with the casting of HGTV shows, you’ll note that they are typically casting on the coasts and seem to never make it to the heartland, aka Iowa! A few months ago, I came across an opportunity right here in Iowa, even better, Des Moines.

West End Architectural Salvage in Des Moines has been chosen for a new home makeover on HGTV, filming this fall, called ‘West End Salvage.’ It was a no-brainer that I would apply to the production company to be a part of the show. Our basement space is in need of a makeover and honestly hasn’t had the ‘designer’s touch’ since we moved in. It’s a partially-finished basement with white walls and a large multi-purpose room that has no direction. I submitted our written application and waited.

I got an email a few weeks later from the production company, informing me that they have received numerous applications and that they will contact us if they are interested in our story. Well, what do you know… I got an email back! They said they were interested in our story and wanted us to submit a video application describing why we should be chosen for the show.

Ok, it’s on! Pull out all the stops, the chance to be on HGTV is here! My husband told me not to get my hopes up, but I’d like to think we really have a shot. After cleaning the house and filming one afternoon, a few out-takes and about 10 minutes of video were submitted for our basement makeover.

The production company said the video looked great, but they were receiving a lot of basement makeover requests. Imagine that. I had mentioned in the application that my home office is used as the AJCreative design studio. The one room that I may not be willing to give up full design control is quite possibly the one they want.

We then submitted another short video showed what my husband and I do and do not like about my office space. Four years ago, we took a trip to IKEA in Minneapolis and brought back a truck full of boxes. My entire office was inside those flat-pack boxes. It was a miracle that nothing landed in, around or on the interstate. We’ve never had great luck with moving furniture. One living room chair and many pieces of my lingerie have made their way in the road because of our poor planning and execution while moving. Our current IKEA-flavored office may be transformed into a new formal office space.

Almost 100 Pinterest images have landed on my ‘Office’ board in the past year. I’ve been searching for elegance, glam, a formal meeting space and a place to spark creativity. Check out some of the home office images from HGTV and Pinterest below. With the help of HGTV and West End Salvage, the AJCreative studio may be receiving a makeover.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated and if we are chosen, many images and more blog posts to come!


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