West End Salvage Premiere on HGTV | AJCreative

Mark your calendars! The premiere episodes have been announced!

West End Salvage HGTV | AJCreative

I have hot plans for your Valentine’s Day. Instead of a romantic dinner out, I suggest you snuggle up on the couch and tune into HGTV. Or, if you’re anything like us, go eat an early dinner and then come home to catch the show. It will be a season premiere you won’t want to miss! Check your local listings. For those of you watching in the midwest, tune in at 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM. You’ll notice the first episode, the pilot is for a master bedroom makeover. This space was completed a year ago this month, so it’s a long time coming to see this Des Moines-based show air.

Did you catch the promo video? Want to know what the show is about? Pie Town Productions explains, “For the last seven years, West End Architectural Salvage in Des Moines, Iowa has been stockpiling 50,000 square feet of reclaimed, recycled and salvaged materials taken from old homes, abandoned schools and turn-of-the-century churches. Now, owner Don Short and his team of designers, carpenters and craftsmen are repurposing their arsenal of antiques and using them to makeover the bedrooms, basements, living rooms and lofts of their mid-western clients.

A makeover show like no other, each episode features pickers and antique dealers bringing in more items for the guys to turn into new and unusual pieces of furniture. A tire from a Model T evolved into a game table, a hay hook becomes a wicked chandelier, slate chalkboards from an old classroom turned into a fireplace surround in a teacher’s home — it’s upcycling like you’ve never seen it, only on West End Salvage.

If you haven’t caught my previous posts about West End Salvage, you’ll want to know that my wonderful husband and I will be on the 7:30 PM CST episode. We had the amazing opportunity to work with Pie Town ProductionsHGTVWest End Architectural Salvage and local contractors back in October 2012 to see this project unfold. We were blessed with a basement space makeover. I can’t give you any more details, so you’d better watch the episode.

Tune in next week and watch for more updates and photos from the reveal!


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