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About two months ago, I responded to a request for handmade items and donations for a silent auction in the Des Moines area. To be honest, I did not know much about Katie’s Crusaders.

After reading more about Katie’s Crusaders, I found out that women can be nominated to be sponsored and their families will be given a portion of the  proceeds that are raised by the organization. It’s a financial and emotional support system like no other.

“It is our mission to provide ongoing help and hope to local Iowa families who are dealing with breast cancer,” is such a strong mission statement from Katie Mangan. Katie is a four-year breast cancer survivor and the founder of Katie’s Crusaders. Let’s just say that after reading story after story about overcoming breast cancer and seeing the relationships that have been created and made stronger through this organization, I couldn’t be more proud to donate.

Although I have not yet been directly affected by breast cancer, I have been affected by other forms of cancer that have taken the lives of loved ones. My grandfather passed away from colon cancer before I was born. One day I will meet him. My father overcame skin cancer this past May and from his journey, I’ve launched a new business, Emberglow, to promote healthy, sunless tanning. More on this to come!

Katie’s Crusaders will be holding a walk/run and silent auction on October 12, 2013 at Centennial Park in Waukee. If you’re in the area, I challenge you to sign up for the run, volunteer your time for the event or bid on some amazing donated items.

Pink is a color near and dear to those affected with breast cancer. In the way I know how to give back best, I went to work on designing a few stationery note card sets. Soft pink florals and fun nautical-themed custom designs were printed on white cover stock, packaged with white envelopes and wrapped with a grommet tag and bakers twine.

Designing custom stationery may not seem that special to some, but it’s my dream that lives are touched through this event and that there are men and women that will write a note of encouragement, a note of thanks or just a short note saying hello and that their may be uplifted through my stationery.

Amy Jungmann | AJCreative Wedding Invitations Des Moines IowaKatie's Crusaders | AJCreativeKatie's Crusaders | AJCreativeKatie's Crusaders | AJCreativeKatie's Crusaders | AJCreativeKatie's Crusaders | AJCreativeKatie's Crusaders | AJCreative

If you make it out to the Katie’s Crusaders event, let me know on my facebook page. I’d love to hear how the community comes together for this great cause.


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