Get to Know Amy | AJCreative

Having a presence online is one thing, but I feel like it can be difficult for people to know the face behind the business. Enter this post. I founded AJCreative in 2007 after designing my own wedding invitations and finding a need for local, custom fine wedding invitations. I spend many hours behind my computer, […]

Giving Back with Katie’s Crusaders | AJCreative

About two months ago, I responded to a request for handmade items and donations for a silent auction in the Des Moines area. To be honest, I did not know much about Katie’s Crusaders. After reading more about Katie’s Crusaders, I found out that women can be nominated to be sponsored and their families will […]

HGTV One Sweet Room Reveal Party | AJCreative

Just a few weeks ago, my husband and I were celebrating the premier of West End Salvage at the Fleur Cinema with our friends, family and the West End Salvage crew. Didn’t hear about the show? More photos of our HGTV adventure are on their way! Wel, the show aired and it was now time […]

West End Salvage Premiere on HGTV | AJCreative

Mark your calendars! The premiere episodes have been announced! I have hot plans for your Valentine’s Day. Instead of a romantic dinner out, I suggest you snuggle up on the couch and tune into HGTV. Or, if you’re anything like us, go eat an early dinner and then come home to catch the show. It […]

Down to Details Christmas Cards | AJCreative

Signed, sealed, delivered… well, almost. The cards are in the mail! I successfully mailed about 110 Christmas cards yesterday. I may have been a bit ambitious this year, but after not getting cards out last year due to traveling during both Thanksgiving and Christmas, I had to make up for it! I created three different […]

Helping Victims of Hurricane Sandy | AJCreative

AJCreative is designing it forward! Hurricane Sandy devastated many homes, businesses and beautiful miles of the east coast. The photos I’ve been seeing the past few weeks in the media of the storm’s aftermath are absolutely heartbreaking. AJCreative has teamed up with other Graphic Designers from around the country and around the world to create […]

HGTV Update | AJCreative

For those of you that caught my previous post about our chance to be on a new HGTV show, it’s time for an update! It’s been a few weeks in the making, but my husband and I have been chosen to be on the show! We will be the first episode after the pilot. The […]

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AJCreative Blog by Amy Jungmann

AJCreative Blog by Amy Jungmann

AJCreative Blog by Amy Jungmann


AJCreative Blog by Amy Jungmann

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